Tarnland – moderate sized country several hundred miles across between the River Fellen, Fingerbone Mountains, and Pentarch Badlands. Map:

Esylburg – central city surrounded by a large area of farmland which supports the most peasants and also the most knights. The city is centered around Castle Esylburg, built on top of a hill with twisting streets inside ancient walls. There is a 2cp fee to enter the city, so many poor live their entire lives inside without ever leaving.

Arwill – city of trade and commerce along the River Fellen. Trade with caravans from the north and merchants from the Carpathian Empire

Carnburg – city of craftsmen using wood and steel from the elves and dwarves nearby. 

Smoke Hills – high foothills of the Fingerbone mountains, home of the Blackstone Clan. Once the dwarves had deep mines and were rich in gems, but now they are the sole makers of serpentine in the kingdom and it forms the majority of their work and exports. Central keep of Polt.

Iron Hills – low hills along the fingerbone mountains, home of the Steelcliff clan. Here iron and copper are mined and smelted. Central keep of Dunsen.

Great Western Forest – large tall trees cover the elven city of Ellawyn, home of the Lord of Elves in tarnland.

Redhills – small hills outside the generally recognized boundaries of the empire in the Pentarch Badlands where many gnomes make their homes.

River Fellen – large river sweeping out of the Fingerbone mountains and fed by many tributaries.

Fingerbone mountains – large nearly unbroken mountain range sweeping across the continent that forms a nearly impassable barrier and is said to hide orcs, trolls, giants, and worse.

Mt Ashen – largest easily visible mountain in the Fingerbones, an active volcano.

Pentarch badlands – low hills and broken parched flatlands extend for hundreds of miles with few settlements

Carpathian empire – once a major threat to the existance of Tarnland, little is heard from the empire these days. Their merchants are still active traders, but no armies have amassed on the border in generations. The king forbids any from setting foot across the river in the Empire, for fear of provoking a response. The two countries have lived with a shaky unspoken truce for many years.


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