Current Dukes:

Malcolm III, King of Tarnland, Duke of Esylburg, of Human House Stuvard, Symbol: Blue star on a yellow field

James VIII, Dike of Arwill, of Human House Belcam, Red Horse on a Yellow and Blue checked field

Dunkeld I, Duke of Carnburg, of Human House Wessingham, 3 White Swans on a green field

Carngam, Chief of the Dwarven Blackstone Clan, under the smoke hills

Fortis, Chief of the Dwarven Steelcliff Clan, under the iron hills

Cwmbyll, Lord of Elven Ellawyn


Historical Figures:

Elred I, First King of Tarnland, Duke of Esylburg, of House Prentis


Other important people:

Horgar, dwarf, blackstone chief's nephew, keeper of the chief's hammer, envoy to Esylburg

Peltonoch, dwarf, Horgar's cousin and friend

Fontenbau, dwarf, Horgar's guardsman

William Applebottom, human, Early of Wessyngton, Duke of Carnburg's bannerman, envoy to Eslyburg

Peter Epton, human, Count of Red Falls, envoy to Esylburg

Llellan, elf, king's chief advisor and head of the Dark Watch



Dark Watch: agents of the King, provide internal security to the kingdom on matters to delicate to send an army, secretive and hidden

Alchemists guild: largely gnomish group that controls secret knowledge of alchemical formula. Rising in power since the invention of serpentine


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