Tarnland was founded in prehistory by the nearly mythical Tarns who crossed the River Fellen from the east and established small communities in the fertile valley between the Fingerbone mountains, the River, and the Pentarch Badlands to the north. 

Over the years, the communities grew into towns, and the towns into cities, and the cities into city-states. Three human city-states dominated for many years and fought numerous wars between themselves and the other demihuman communites. Finally one emerged victorious. King Elred the First, Duke of Esylburg conquered the others and became the first king. In the 412 years since there have been many conflicts and groups attempting to take control, but the kingdom has held.

To the east lies the vast Carpathian Empire. Though it once expanded aggressively, the ancient dukes repelled every attempt to cross the River Fellen. The early kings established a series of forts along the river, but no armies of the empire have tried to cross in more than 100 years.

To the west and south lie the Fingerbone mountains. Orcs, trolls, and even giants are rumored to live there. Though the occasional monster lumbers out of the mountains, they are quickly dealt with and no major force of evil has been seen in generations.

To the north are the Pentarch Badlands, rough parched hills that extend for many leagues. Few live in this inhospitable area and fewer still are the caravans that come from kingdoms to the north to trade.


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