MDGs Fantasy AGE Game - Where there's smoke

Gildor Winterleaf

C.1 - A New Life's Beginnings


   For every up there's a down, for every good a bad, and for every noble a rogue.  That's just an unarguable fact of life.  Now what kind of, say hmmm, a rogue you are; that's up to you.  I myself came from most un-noble beginnings, and I must say that I plied my craft in the most baser ways.  But, what I want out of life, while influenced by my beginnings, will not be defined by them.  I strive for more.  Just as winter turns to spring, and then to summer; I too strive to be more and grow.  While a noble's life is not in my future, perhaps I can be more than a shoddy cutpurse working the streets.  So, I have joined with those of greater station to make myself a greater man.

   As such, poverty makes my endeavor a greater task.  So my efforts must be greater than my circumstance if I am to rise above my humble beginnings.  To this end, I have joined the Black Watch to make Taurnland a land secure in its empowerment of such as I, raise myself to loftier purpose.  My teammates are each unique in their disposition, and point of view.  But, I hope with hard work and renewed purpose, I can prove myself worthy of their companionship, and dare I say, their friendship. 

   As a child, we always dreamed of being one of the heroes of song and legend.  Now is my chance to step up, and seek to make this world of ours a better place.  I can only hope my companions see more in me than where I came from, and what I can be.

   As such, I have taken a mission form Llelland to aid in the procurement of the Sanguine Powder for our nation.  Along with my party, we have secure an invitation to the Dwarven stronghold to assist in expediting this matter by solving a mysterious problem on their end.  I am accompanied by Bawd, a most social Orc; Nym, an Elf similar to myself; Medie, Gnome mage; and Tummy, Dwarven paladin extraordinaire.  I do not know what lies ahead, but I am excited by the prospects.


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